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Loving support for mothers

I am here to support and guide you and your partner throughout the transition to parenthood, pregnancy and beyond

What I do

As your doula, I am here to support you and your partner during the journey of having a baby. This can be done from pregnancy, during birth and in the postpartum period. I work from love and trust. 
Every couple is unique and every phase of pregnancy, childbirth and the period after that requires something different. That is why it is important that I adapt my sessions and presence to your wishes at that time and what is needed.

Emotional support 

  • I will work with you and your partner to discuss any fears and/or insecurities around pregnancy, birth and parenthood

  • We will talk about your birth wishes and dreams, what makes you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.

  • I will hold place so that you feel supported and safe. My presence will be constant and continuous. I will encourage you and be with you in every decision and thought during the birth and the period after.

Information support 

  • Providing evidence-based information around pregnancy and birth

  • Sharing insight and information into the Dutch maternity system

  • We will talk about the role of the partner, how he can support and how together we can be a team and work together

  • Watch a birth videos together

  • Practicing labour positions

  • Practicing relaxation techniques and movement options

  • Explains processes in a hospital and interprets the situation

  • Recommendations/referrals to trusted care providers (such as acupuncturists, workshops, shiatsu, lactation consultants, and more) if needed

  • Share with you my books collection

Physical support 

  • Creating a calming birthing environment: dim lights, candles, music, incense

  • Setting-up the birthing pool or other water therapy (warm shower for example)

  • Calming touch and counterpressure

  • Providing nourishment with food and drinks

  • In time of need, staying with dad/mom or baby 

Marissa W, Utrecht

"We did our Hypnobirthing course with Ayelet.  Ayelet is kind, authentic, and caring. She understood my concerns around giving birth. She helped me view childbirth as less scary and more of an exciting and empowering experience to look forward to. Ironically, in our final session, we had just completed a "fear release" hypnosis, and when I opened my eyes to continue the class... my water broke! I truly believe both baby & I were so relaxed and ready, the process started right then and there. :)"