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Positive Affirmations for Childbirth

Holding the Belly

Relaxation exercise:

Affirmations That Can Give Moms Strength

I am a good mother. My baby will find the perfect position for birth.

I love my baby. My baby loves me.

I am a strong woman.

Contractions help bring my baby to me.

My baby senses the peace that I feel.

I am surrounded by those who love and respect me.

I trust my body.

My cervix is opening like a flower. I trust in my ability to birth my baby. I am strong and my baby is healthy.

Courage and patience are required to send my baby joyfully into my loving arms.

My body is made to give birth.

My body is completely relaxed. Courage. Faith. Patience. I trust in my ability to birth my baby.

My body is intelligent and will handle all situations expediently. My body will birth my baby safely and effectively.

Birth is a supremely natural occurrence for which my body has been perfectly designed.

I believe in myself and I have nothing to fear. Birth is a joyful event. Light of love surrounds me.

Energy of love enfolds me.

Power of love protects me.

The presence of love is within me.

I deserve a positive birth.

I deserve this birth! My baby senses the peace that I feel.

I trust my body.

I trust in my ability to birth my baby.

Affirmations Can Be Powerful for Moms to Hear

Affirmations Can Be Powerful for Moms to Hear There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it. The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women. A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know. Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these powerful gates – in her own way – remembering all the generations of women who walk with her… She is never alone. A baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. In a world that is cutting down its trees to build highways, losing its earth to concrete, babies are almost the only remaining link in nature, with the natural world of living things from which we spring.

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