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First Meeting

We will meet and get to know each other.

In our meeting we can discuss your fears, thought ,hopes and desires, this will help me to get a better sense of the kind of perinatal experience you desire and how I can best support you in your journey. I will explain more about how can I empower you and your partner and answer all the questions you'll have.

It's like first date, we'll know if we compatible with each other and if we can create the best birth team for you.


Our Sessions

When we start working together we will meet every month.  Explore your needs and desires for birth, teach your partner to prepare for his role in the birth and provide you both with essential tools for labor, the birth of your baby and the new life.

These visits also enable you to be comfortable with me so that I can know your needs, your fears and to create a good level of comfort and trust.

Sessions will also include discussing your fears coming up to the birth, relaxation techniques, birth preferences, active birth positions and any questions or concerns you might have.

​We will prepare your birth plan which will outline what your preferences are for your birth and what choices are available to you.

​Your Birth

As your Doula I will officially be on call 24/7 from week 38 I will provide you and your partner with unlimited support during labour. I will come to your home once your in active/established labour and stay with you till your baby is  born.


​​I will provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner throughout pregnancy and the duration of labour, to aid you in achieving a positive birthing experience you wish for yourself.

After Birth

I will come and visit you for a postpartum follow-up visit to debrief reflect your baby’s birth, discuss any challenges or questions you might have and just to check as you settle in your new life. 

Baby's Clutch
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