Holistic Childbirth Online Preparation Course


Group class 

We will dive into the anatomy of a deeply connected birth experience, connection to your body, your baby and the magic of birth. This course is designed to support first and second time mothers whether at home, in a birth centre or in the hospital.
The Holistic Childbirth Prep course is designed to inspire you on your journey to experience a more natural way of pregnancy and childbirth.
We explore labour from a holistic perspective so that you understand how to create an environment that feels safe no matter how your birth unfolds and how to be connected with your body and your baby. Much emphasis is given to your emotions and instinct. We believe that your body knows how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born and together we’ll learn how to let your natural instincts lead the way.


What's Included

  • Sessions of hypnosis, for relaxation, to help eliminate fears and build confidence for birth

  • A guide to good pregnancy nutrition

  • Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to a safer, easier and more comfortable birthing

  • Class workbook full of information, articles, techniques, birth preference sheets, fear-release exercises, and hypnosis scripts.

  • How to prepare your own Birth Preference Sheets

  • Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing

  • Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labour and during birthing

  • One on one session during the class 

  • Professionally written scripts for your home practice


Private class 
Completely customizable, private instruction. Schedule a time that works best for you!
You get to choose what material we cover.
This is a great options for families on a tight schedule, or who just want a quick refresher on specific material.

Online or in person 

Birth Plans • Breath Techniques• Anatomy • Stages of Labor• Comfort Measures • Positions • Relaxations •Interventions • Postpartum 



3 hours workshop
Couples will leave this class understanding
the how, when, and why of childbirth,
feeling prepared and confident to give
birth on your terms. 

Online or in person 

Birth Plans • Breath Techniques• Anatomy • Stages of Labor • Comfort Measures • Positions • Relaxations • Interventions • Postpartum 

250 Euro


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