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Belly Binding Postpartum; what is it and how does it work?

Often a period of 30 to 40 days in which the mother is supported after giving birth to rest and recover. Belly Binding, which literally means belly binding , is one of the traditions that is applied to the mother in childbirth in different cultures. Wrapping the torso of a woman who has just given birth is an effective way to aid in her recovery. Among other things, it ensures that the abdominal muscles come together again, but also for warmth in the abdominal and pelvic area and it literally and figuratively gives a lot of support in the transition to motherhood .

Why Belly Bind?

Belly binding provides physical and emotional support during the maternity period and especially during the recovery after childbirth. By wrapping with a belly wrap, the entire area from the pelvis to the sternum is supported. This allows your body to recover in a shorter time than if you do not bind, because of the faster drainage of blood, air, and moisture. A Abdominal Wrap gives you 360˚ support that bounces your abs back, improves your posture, stabilizes your ligaments and supports your entire torso as all vital organs, including the uterus, return to their pre-birth size and location. pregnancy.

In addition to these physical benefits, you can literally feel supported and carried in the sometimes overwhelming period after giving birth. Because you carried your baby in your belly for nine months and after birth this can give you an empty feeling. Sometimes this can surprise you or evoke certain feelings of abandonment. A Belly Bind then gives you a welcome loving embrace and softens the emptiness you may experience. And as a bonus, it helps with your posture while breastfeeding, which can prevent back pain. Advantages of Belly Binding at a glance:

· Soft wrap for emotional support for a range of feelings that the emptiness in your belly can evoke.

· Physical support for physical recovery after childbirth.

· Helps your organs find their original place.

· It pulls back together the abdominal muscles that have separated during pregnancy.

· When the pelvis and pubic bone have moved apart during pregnancy, the wrap supports the coming back together.

· It reduces fluid retention in the abdomen and flatulence.

· It cherishes and embraces the mother in a period of vulnerability and recovery.

· It reduces the time of postpartum bleeding because the process of bleeding is accelerated.

· Brings heat into the body, which ensures good blood flow and the clearing of waste.

· Provides support for good posture and back pain, especially when breastfeeding.

· In the case of a miscarriage or stillborn child, abdominal binding can speed up both emotional and physical recovery.

· It feels wonderful, warm, nurturing and secure!

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