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Every birth is a celebration of hormones ✨✨

There are hormones that come to strengthen and support your body in the opening process and there are hormones that can sabotage this process.

You do not always have control over the hormones and deep beliefs that are in your subconscious but sometimes you can notice that something someone says makes us contract, a story you have heard is repeating in your mind or a previous birth experience you would like to change.

Such experiences can appear at birth and cause you to freeze.

If you feel it's related to you and there is something you would like to understand I would be happy to offer you a fear release session.

Together we will dive into your subconscious, understand what experience is there that no longer serves you and send a big bless to a good birth experience.

Are you ready to get to know your fears?

More info about fear release sessions in bio ♥️

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