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Have you heard about a birth plan?

A birth plan is a written wish list for your birth. You can write a letter or a checklist how you want to handle certain situations, pain relief, hospital, birth positions and more.

Birth wish can be general or very specific, including details about how you would like the lighting in the room or that you want your birth partner to cut the cord.

My tips👇🏻

🪐Read some sample birth plans - You may find new points to discussion with your midwife.

🪐Knowing your options - Can help you discover what may be important to you.

🪐Stay open – Childbirth can develop in all sorts of ways. Knowing what you want and being prepared for all options will help you in making decisions but (and it’s a big but) staying open to what the birth will bring and embracing your unique experience will help you look at it with positive eyes - no matter how this journey will develops✨

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