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Releasing yourself from negative thoughts


Hi there,

Fear is often a thought that can snowball, growing stronger and creating more and more stressful thoughts for ourselves. I suggest sharing your fears with a partner, friend, or a professional. Sometimes, sharing with someone who sees things differently or has more experience can help dispel your fears.

Find a private place, grab some paper, your phone, or your computer, and take three deep breaths.

Create a simple table with two columns. In the left column, write down any doubts, anxieties, fears, or worries you have about your upcoming baby's arrival. Note them down as soon as they come to mind, without judgment or analysis. You can choose to do this privately, or sometimes expectant parents find it interesting to write their lists separately and then come together to discuss them.

Getting negative thoughts out and writing them down can go a long way in neutralizing them. These thoughts, if left unprocessed, might interfere with your ability to stay in a positive state during childbirth.

On the right side of the table, think of positive affirmations. How you word them is personal to you, but it's best to use positively worded phrases in the present tense. Avoid negative statements in the future tense like "It will not be so painful." Instead, say something like "I am strong, my body is strong."

Design your personal birth affirmations so you can display them in prominent places. Put them up at home, work, or on your phone/computer – anywhere you'll see them regularly to remind yourself to maintain a positive mindset.

Repeat this exercise every few weeks because your feelings may change and evolve.

Good luck! I believe in you, so believe in yourself.

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