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Hey, welcome my name is Ayelet, I'm a Mother of 3, birth worker and a student of life I'm always curious to know and lean more.
Through my own journey I have experienced a different births. My last birth however was the most eye opening to me. I made sure to prepare and take all the support I needed that gave me the most life changing and healing birth I could ever ask for. Because of this I am motivated to share my knowledge and support families. ​​

Education & Training

  • Bia Doula Amsterdam – 2019

  • Homeopathy for Doulas - 2021

  • Birthing from within - 2021

  • Theta Healing - 2014

  • Mizu Reiki  – 2012

  • Rebozo - 2020

  • Aromatherapy -Bia 2022

  • Pregnancy massage - 2022

  • Spinning Babies - 2022

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